Soon, you’ll be able to surf in Far East El Paso

A rendering of the upcoming attraction, Flow Rider. (Courtesy: City of El Paso)

Neighbors got the chance to have their questions answered Tuesday night on a new aquatics center coming to the Far East Side of El Paso. The planning phase is finished for the Eastside Regional Family Aquatics Center. Construction will start soon near Montana Avenue and Hueco Club Road.

Neighbors at the community meeting Tuesday night said they're absolutely in support of the project. They say it's hard to get to know your neighbors, and this would be a good gathering spot.

"I’ve been watching this from the very beginning. I've attended all of the meetings. We need to have something in this community. We are too far away from every other center here so it's really tough for us,” said Bertha Mieckowski, who lives five minutes away from where the center will be built.

City representative Michael Noe agrees. He says the district is woefully short of amenities because the area grew so fast that the city didn't keep up with it. He said they are a huge district and they have no recreation centers, not a single senior center or pool. Plus, these neighbors have the right to recreational amenities because they pay taxes just like the rest of the city.

Noe said this is a project he promised his constituents the first time he got elected. He said the center will be ADA compliant and have amenities for both kids and adults.

"I think the fact that it's going to have some stuff that nobody else has. The Flow Rider is really cool. Being able to surf in El Paso is not something anybody probably thought about,” Noe explained. "The climbing wall that goes into the pool, the lazy river, everything about it."

City Council already approved it for the construction, so now it's just a matter of breaking ground. That should happen sometime in the next few months.

This is a huge project that will take a while to build, and the aquatics center should be done by spring 2019.

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