Spike in Juarez murders has El Paso residents on edge

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Recent string of murders in Juarez has El Paso residents on edge

A recent string of violence across the border in Juarez has El Pasoans on edge.

Hundreds of people walked across the border from El Paso to Juarez on Sunday even after a string of murders have left dozens dead across the border in the past few days.

The spike in deaths in Juarez has many concerned.

But some El Pasoans have family ties to Juarez, so crossing isn’t so much of a choice, rather than something to worry about.

East El Pasoan Jacqueline Marquez said hearing about the recent violence does make her uneasy, but she still has to make the trip over to see family.

“I crossed yesterday, and right now I’m going to pick up my daughter. My dad lives over there... (where) there's been a lot of killing. There's been a lot of shooting,” Marquez said.

According to the El Paso Times there were 15 homicides on Thursday and 10 on Friday.

Twelve murders happened on Thursday in the span of two hours.

Marquez said one of those happened next to her family member’s house, hitting too close to home.

“He has a little neighbor, and all of his family got killed. It was mom, dad, little brother, grandma and grandpa,” Marquez said.

“It’s become worrisome because it’s not safe anymore. You go to the store and you're scared. You can't carry a big purse anymore. You have to use something more practical,” said Juarez resident Linda Hernandez.

Those who live and do business in Juarez said there's nothing they can really do when violence is on the rise, just hope that everything will be ok.

“Two days ago I heard gunshots, so it does start to affect you with everything that's happening,” said Juarez resident Leonardo Estrada.

Earlier this week, Mexican officials announced that 257 Mexican federal police officers would be sent to the state of Chihuahua.

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