State and local lawmakers discuss the future of Lincoln Community Center

Lincoln Community Center

Local state Rep. Joe Pickett has been trying for years to get funding and support to reopen the Lincoln Center in south-central El Paso.

The Lincoln Community Center, at 4001 Durazno, was close to being demolished a couple of years ago after it closed.

Pickett said people need to be given an inside look at the center’s condition in order to get the support it needs.

There's plenty of history inside the Lincoln Center in south central El Paso. But it's been locked away to collect dust for 12 years.

"It's disheartening to enter the building and find some of the things in more disarray than we expected," Hector Gonzalez of the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee said.

Pickett says there's hope at the state-level level to resurrect the center. It's going to need someone to step up and help do the job.

"The State of Texas would like to deal with one entity, whoever that is and, hopefully, we can get enough interest that maybe they'll come together to say, 'Let's save the buildings and with a purpose,'" Pickett said.

Pickett's reached out to the El Paso Independent School District, El Paso Community College and the City to make into a multi-use community center.

The people who hold the center close to their hearts say their community needs this center back on line.

“To take away this final part of the neighborhood that gives a little pride to the neighborhood, it would be devastating," Gonzalez said.

“We don't have a lot of buildings like this left in El Paso and the fact that it's not dilapidated, falling down and that so many people have come forward to rescue it,” Picket said. “It would be a shame we didn't take that next step," Picket said."

There's no estimated cost on what it could take to redo the center. Some people tell have told CBS4 if it comes down to knocking the building down to create a new center or not having one at all, they'd be in favor of supporting the building that’s been in their neighborhood for decades.

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