Sun Metro seeks artists for new transit center

The Northgate Transit facility

Sun Metro is almost done with the construction of the Arves E. Jones, Sr. Transit Center, but they need someone to decorate it.

Sun Metro is looking for an artist or group of artists who would like a chance for their art to be displayed at the Arves E. Jones, Sr. Transit Center at the Northgate facility. Interested artists can apply for the project at The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. on May 6. Sun Metro is looking for an artist whose work is not only creative, but represents El Paso from a social, geographic, and demographic perspective. The artist who wins will have his or her art displayed inside building.

The Arves E. Jones, Sr. Transit Center is part of El Paso’s efforts to improve public transportation. It is located at 9348 Diana in Northeast El Paso, in the area that used to be the Northgate Mall. It is Sun Metro’s newest addition to its transportation system.

The new transit center will provide open space where people can gather, and serve as an economic booster for local businesses and the surrounding community. It is also part of the plan that El Paso has to make public transportation easier.

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