Suspect: marijuana sale turned into robbery, then death

Shawn Ezal Ramirez, 21; Miguel Angel Ontiveros, 22; Marcos Damian Porras, 23 were taken into custody in connection to Erik Aragon's death.

A 21-year-old man is suspected of pointing a handgun at Erik Aragon and shooting him during a drug transaction for marijuana, according to the arrest affidavits for the suspects facing capital murder charges.

Shawn Ezal Ramirez is one of the suspects in the murder after Aragon, 22, was found seriously injured in a business parking lot in Horizon City on Nov. 4.

Aragon was found with a gunshot wound when authorities responded to calls of a “subject down," according to the arrest reports obtained by CBS4.

Aragon later died from his injuries, according to authorities.

Two days after his death, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office took over the case, which had originally been assigned to Horizon City police, records show.

The arrest report for Ramirez states Ramirez spoke with detectives on his own free will to clear his name after people on Facebook were implicating him for the murder of Aragon.

Ramirez told investigators that he met with Aragon for “the sale of a brick of marijuana.” Records go on to say that Ramirez told investigators Aragon got inside the back of his car to negotiate the sale of marijuana with a “rear passenger.” Investigators said Ramirez told them that, during the transaction, the “rear” passenger shot Aragon. Ramirez told detectives he was the driver and that Aragon was thrown out of the vehicle by the “rear passenger” after the shooting, before he drove away.

Records indicate Ramirez denied shooting Aragon and falsely identified the “rear passenger” to investigators.

After the interview with Ramirez, investigators searched Ramirez’s home and seized his vehicle and other items, according to Ramirez’s arrest report.

Forensics tests showed evidence of blood found inside Ramirez’s car. Ramirez’s cellphone, a pair of red boots and a pair of jeans were taken as evidence, and all of them were found to contain blood from Aragon, the document stated.

The forensic investigation revealed that the blood found on Ramirez’s clothing was inconsistent with Ramirez’s story about being the driver. Investigators said the “blood splatter” on Ramirez’s clothing didn’t match up with where he claimed he was sitting in the car.

A fourth person interviewed by detectives was questioned during the investigation. That person told investigatorsthat, a few days after the shooting, Ramirez told them he shot Aragon during a sale to purchase weed from Aragon. The fourth person said Ramirez mentioned that suspect Marcos Damian Porras was the driver of Ramirez’s car.

Detectives looked through Ramirez’s Facebook page and came across a picture post showing Ramirez and Miguel Angel Ontiveros. Detectives identified Ontiveros and brought him in for questioning, according to an arrest affidavit.

During an interview with investigators on Nov. 28, Ontiveros said he went along with Ramirez and Porras to negotiate the sale of a brick of marijuana with Aragon. He told investigators he sat in the front seat, while Porras was the driver and Ramirez was a passenger in the back seat. Ontiveros told investigators that Ramirez was in the back seat of the car with Aragon, negotiating a drug deal. He said Ramirez took out a black handgun, pointed it at Aragon and demanded thatAragon empty his pockets. Ontiveros said that, as Aragon emptied his pockets, Ramirez shot him. Ontiveros told investigators Ramirez then got out of the car and pulled Aragon outside. Ontiveros said Porras then drove away from the parking lot.

The arrest affidavit goes on to say that Ontiveros and Ramirez used Clorox bleach to clean up the blood inside Ramirez’s car.

Ontiveros admitted to investigators that he and Ramirez had “licked,” also known as robbed, other people multiple times during drug transactions. Detectives asked Ontiveros why he thought Ramirez shot Aragon. Ontiveros said, “We got greedy.”

A video of Ramirez holding a black handgun standing in front of a mirror with Ontiveros and Porras by his side was obtained by investigators when they obtained Ontiveros’ phone for evidence, according to records. The video was recorded three hours before Aragon was shot. The black handgun was identified by investigators as a Glock.

Investigators have reason to believe that Ramirez is a member of Gangster Disciples, a criminal street gang. Ramirez’s arrest affidavit indicates that Ramirez is known to have carried out threats using firearms.

During his interview on Nov. 27, according to his arrest affidavit, Porras told detectives he had no involvement in Aragon’s murder. The affidavit says he admitted to being with Ramirez and Ontiveros at a motel and said he drove Ramirez’s car around town, but didn’t specify where.

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