Swarm of killer bees taking over home in far east El Paso; owner can’t afford removal

Swarm of killer bees at home in far east El Paso in Mission Estates neighborhood near Interstate 10 and Joe Battle Boulevard.

A swarm of bees has taken over a home in far east El Paso. There are thousands of killer bees setting up shop at a home near I-10 and Joe Battle Boulevard in the Mission Estates neighborhood. The bees have been there for a while, but now the homeowner says there are more bees, and they are more aggressive than ever.

Thousands of Africanized killer bees have moved into Elvia Murphy's home.

“They don't pay rent,” Murphy joked.

Murphy first noticed bees almost three years ago. She said they might be in the walls. You can see a cemetery of dead bees in the light fixtures.

“Last year, they weren't quite as aggressive as they are this year,” Murphy said. “During the winter, they were pretty dormant so we didn't have them.”

She said she feels like a prisoner in her own home.

“We can't go out to the side of the house or the back of the house. We have a nice patio in the back, but we haven't been able to get back there to even clean it out. They just attack,” Murphy said.

“They're, like, black and big and they look scary to me,” said Isaiah Tovar, a young boy who lives directly behind the house that has bees.

There's a school directly across from Murphy's house.

“They're let off right in front of my house. They walk home. There's pets. Our neighbors have pets,” Murphy said.

“I see the bees just flying around, so I run,” Tovar said.

A beekeeper estimates there are more than 60,000 killer bees on the property.

“They'll remove the bees for a price, but then I have to get a contractor to rebuild the wall and the roof,” Murphy said.

“And that's something you can't afford?” CBS4 reporter Ashley Claster asked.

“Absolutely not,” Murphy said.

“They are an elderly couple. Their budget is extremely low,” said neighbor Martin Edgar, who has seen bees on his property. “They also take care of a special-needs (person). I know that their medical bills are way up there.”

Murphy and her neighbors said the bees need to be taken care of now, before someone gets hurt.

“Hopefully, somebody in El Paso can please help, step up and help,” Edgar said.

A beekeeper is going to Murphy's home on Tuesday morning. She will find out if the wall needs to be removed.

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