SWAT standoff leaves one Las Cruces family without a home for holidays

SWAT standoff in Las Cruces on Solano Drive and Mulberry Avenue. (KFOX14/CBS4)

A SWAT team situation in Las Cruces left a woman and her baby without a home for the holidays.

U.S. marshals were hunting for a man at the Dona Ana Park Apartments near Solano Drive on Tuesday in order to serve him a warrant, police said.

“By that evening they started shooting off their tear gas,” said a worker from the apartments said.

On Wednesday, we found tear gas cartridges left behind after the search turned into a seven-hour stakeout.

Police say after the man barricaded himself, and U.S. marshals called Las Cruces police and the New Mexico State Police to assist in the search.

“They didn’t tell us what was going on they made us wait over seven hours till we could get back to our place with no answers,” one neighbor said.

On Wednesday, CBS4 Local spoke with neighbors and the woman whose apartment was searched.

They didn’t wish to appear on camera since the man hasn't been caught but recounted what they experienced.

“As soon as I got scared we decided to leave instead, just because of the fact that when I looked out of my peephole I saw one of the cops pointing his gun at our door, too,” one woman said.

A worker from the apartments described the apartment in the aftermath of the incident.

“There’s holes in the walls. There’s the air conditioner vent tore off. The wall vent, the return air vents torn off and the smell. It just burns. You can smell it and can’t stay in there very long,” the worker said.

The worker tells us the apartment is uninhabitable because of all the toxins left behind from the tear gas.

The woman who lives in the unit says she is concerned for her baby, who isn’t even 1 month old yet.

She adds that she was cooperative with police and gave them the key to her apartment because she feared the man may have been hiding in her vent.

“Someone said that they saw him going up in there. But it looks like they went a little overboard on it,” worker said.

People working at the complex estimate about $10,000 in damages to the apartment.

We reached out to the property owner and the New Mexico State Police to find out who will pay for the damages but we’re still waiting on response.

A Go Fund Me account has been created for the woman who's apartment was raided.

If you's like to help you can visit https://www.gofundme.com/home-was-raided

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