Teacher pay raise part of EPISD $668M bond


    El Paso Independent School District teachers could see a significant pay increase if the $668.7M bond proposal goes through.

    The EPISD board of trustees got together Wednesday to make a change to the largest bond proposal in El Paso’s history.

    After the executive session, the board came out from behind closed doors to bring the public its decision.

    Basically, if the bond is approved, all EPISD employees will receive an increase in wages and benefits.

    This is something the El Paso Teacher’s Association has been wanting for several years.

    “The fact that they were willing to put everything in writing, and say that it was legally binding is amazing,” said Norma De La Rosa, the president of the El Paso Teachers Association. “If the bond passes, they will be obligated to follow through on that.”

    Since there will be nine school consolidations with the bond proposal, that saves the district around $1M per school.

    A total of $9M total a year.

    That $9M in savings will be allocated toward teacher and employee salaries, but it has to be approved first in November.

    “We recognize that we are underpaying our teachers,” said Doris Fenenbock, the EPISD board of trustees president. “The savings from these consolidations are going to help us make up the difference to better compensate our teachers to continue to attract the highest quality teachers to our district.”

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