Teen charged with $150,000 in damages done to the Bowie High School football field

Four teens were charged withcriminal mischief of $150,000 or more for the vandalism that happened the BowieHigh School football field last week.

Students at Bowie High School felt a wide range of emotions when they saw their school's football field.

"It makes me feel sad," Eduardo Moreno said.

"It brings a little bit of anger," Veronica Chavez said.

"I was very disappointed," Armando Hernandez said.

Four teens are accused of causing more than $150,000 in damage to the football field at Bowie High School last week.

The teens are accused of doing donuts in a vehicle on the field, damaging the new turf.

""For just students to not know the value of stuff like that and just be reckless and doing things like that...it's just really disrespectful," Jose Flores said.

Gustavo Reveles, spokesman for the El Paso Independent School District, said the four teens were charged with criminal mischief of over $150,000.

It is unknown if those charged were students at Bowie.

"I personally know most of the football players. And, they're not any trouble makers or would bring any problems," Chavez said.

"I don't think they would cause anything to make other guys come and vandalize it. I feel like it's fair for them."

"As Bowie students, we have a lot of pride for our school. So, that makes me feel bad for ourselves," Saul Hernandez said.

Reveles said the contractor in charge of installing the new turf is Hellas Sports Construction. The company is figuring out who will pay for the damage.

"We really don't have much and they keep messing up what we have. So, it's a little discouraging as a student," Christopher Reyes said.

"That's a lot of money for the district to be spending instead of putting some good internet in here or any other resources that we need," Ashley Araica said.

The Bowie football team does not play at home this week, according to Reveles. The freshman and JV teams will be play at Hanks High School until the field is repaired.

The varsity team plays Clint next week. It is unknown if the field will be ready by that time.

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