Tempers flare at east El Paso community meeting

Tempers flare at east El Paso community meeting (Source: CBS4)

About 50 people showed up to a community meeting in east El Paso where many people were upset about a development going into Vista Hills Country Club.

The country club plans to build more than 50-single-family homes on its driving range. Homeowners would be required to be members of the club. The re-zoning was approved by City Council in February. Prior to that, a representative from the city’s planning department told people at the meeting that neighbors within a 300-foot buffer zone were given notices.

People at the meeting were upset they weren’t notified by the country club even if their property backs the area the development is going in.

At one point in the meeting, city Rep. Henry Rivera threatened to stop the meeting because of high tempers.

“The problem is there’s been no communication with property owners that adjoin the property,” Charles Scruggs, who lives on Don January Drive, said.

Another concern is the sewer line. The proposal for the development includes connecting the sewer line to the one at the end of Don January Drive. At the end of the meeting, a representative for the country club proposed connecting the line to Lee Trevino instead.

“Hopefully the developers get help from the PSP to hook up that sewer line off Lee Trevino which is the main issue,” Rivera said.

The country club president said this development could help keep the golf club open.

“Unfortunately it takes a lot of money to upkeep a golf course,” president William “Tank” Tomberlin said.

Neighbors said they want the country club to stay open, but for there to be more communication moving forward.

“Nobody wants to see the Vista Hills Golf Course fail. Everybody who lives around the golf course has a vested interest in seeing it succeed,” Scruggs said.

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