Texas Rescue Patrol adds safety measures at Red Sands for Fourth of July celebrations

    Texas Rescue Patrol adds safety measures at Red Sands for Fourth of July celebrations<p>{/p}

    Local law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Rescue Patrol, are gearing up for Fourth of July celebrations. The Rescue Patrol monitors the Red Sands area.

    Rescue Patrol teams said thousands of people flock to Red Sands to celebrate Independence Day.

    But many people don’t realize that the area is all privately owned land, meaning people aren’t supposed to be out there.

    Since so many still go, though, the Texas Rescue Patrol is standing by.

    “We operate in an area of approximately 21 square miles,” said Jamil Moutran, chief director for the Texas Rescue Patrol.

    He said keeping people safe at Red Sands is what the nonprofit, made up of volunteers, aims to do.

    “We are just here to assist the community in times of need and assist other agencies when they need help in locating someone who is injured or lost out in this area,” Moutran said.

    He said the Fourth of July is the Rescue Patrol's busiest day of the year.

    “I think, traditionally, Red Sands has been known for an area for off-road recreational activities and we have patrons that come out here that have told us that they’ve been coming out here for 30-40 years,” he said. “Although, that the property owners still don’t want people to come out here, people still do.”

    He said they’re beefing up their presence and putting up barricades, to try to provide as much crowd control as possible.

    “We are going to have EMTs (emergency medical technicians), paramedics, and volunteers out here 24 hours, assisting individuals that need help,” he said.

    People who live out in the county told CBS4 trash is a big problem.

    “All the trash speaks for itself,” said Carlos Perez, a far east El Paso County resident.

    The Texas Rescue Patrol said it encourages everyone to pick up after themselves and to use the dumpster that’s located at the entrance to Red Sands.

    The Rescue Patrol teams will be organizing cleanup efforts for the end of the month.

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