The Sunland Derby held heavy traffic throughout the area

Traffic is now clear after the annual Sunland Derby drew in hundreds of people from all across the Borderland.

The Sunland Park Derby is a popular event that occurs annually typically drawing in a large crowd. But with a combination of the hotel, casino and western play-land, that meant more people and more traffic.

“Terrible. it's not good because we ended up parking like about a mile away from here," said Alonso Varela, who attended the event.

Rafael Laca said it took him over an hour just to get through traffic, and another hour to find parking.

"It was just crazy. Everyone's trying to get to their destination so it was crazy. I can't explain it," Laca said.

Nicole Reyes attended the event with her mom. She said she almost missed a race due to the traffic.

"It was so bad. It was packed," Reyes said.

Overall, everyone agreed that people need to set aside time for traffic and parking if they plan to attend the Sunland Derby in the future.

"It depends on what race you want to see, but if you wanted to see the main race, which was the 11th, then you better get here at least an hour before," Varela said.

Police advised that those who plan to attend the derby in the future arrive early in order to avoid the busy traffic.

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