Two accused of hiding El Paso fugitive under a pile of clothes

Jonathan Hernandez, one of El Paso's Most Wanted, was arrested on Sept. 28.

Deputies arrested one of El Paso’s most wanted fugitives. He was found in a home hiding under a pile of clothes and being guarded by a dog, authorities said.

Authorities have been searching for Jonathan Hernandez, and after a week-long investigation, they found him at a home on the 10700 block of Jadestone.

When deputies tried to make contact with him, two others inside the home tried to hide Hernandez under piles of clothing in a bedroom, authorities said.

The two, later identified as Crystal Venegas and Malik Heath, tried to keep authorities out of the room by leaving a large aggressive dog in the room, authorities said.

Venegas, 24, and Heath, 24, were arrested and face a criminal charge for hindering the apprehension of a wanted person.

Hernandez was arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, evading arrest with a vehicle and evading arrest with a vehicle with a prior conviction.

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