TXDOT works to prepare roads ahead of wintry weather

TXDOT de-icing liquid.

TXDOT started early with keeping drivers safe on potentially icy roads Wednesday.

"Safety is a priority," spokeswoman Jennifer Wright said. "So if we can keep the ice off the roads, we can keep a lot more people safe."

Workers sprayed a liquid salt mixture, called brine, on major roadways Monday and Tuesday.

"We have 5,000 miles of roadway in our district and we have to cover the major roadways that see the most traffic," she said.

Wright said drivers should keep their distance from the tankers on the road.

"It's best to keep back and stay safe," she said. "If you do get some of this brine on your car, you're going to want to hit the car wash."

Drivers said they appreciate TXDOT preparing early, instead of doing damage control Wednesday morning.

"I feel a lot safer knowing they're doing prevention," Robert Diaz said.

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