Upcoming study to reveal benefits of public transportation

Construction on the Alameda Brio bus route set to begin in December.

With El Paso’s growing community, more bus lines are being placed around our city, which has made El Paso the perfect place to research the effects of using public transportation.

“I love being able to get out, being able to see the various parts of the city,” Karen Lambert, a bus passenger, said.

Lambert uses public transportation nearly every day.

“Because I do not have a car, I take public transportation several times a week,” Lambert said. “However, even if I did have a car, I would probably use public transportation more often because of the economical side of things."

While taking the bus can save you money, several passengers believe it does much more than that.

“It makes sure I get out, makes sure I stay moving. That way I don't get lethargic or lazy,” Justin Cameron, a bus passenger, said.

“I do a lot of walking, so, if I take a truck, in my truck I don't walk a lot,” Jose Chavez, a bus passenger, said.

“You do have to walk a good distance, generally, from your location to final destination,” Violet Sabo, a bus passenger, said.

That's why the Institute for Healthy Living is now working on a five-year-long research plan to find out whether public transportation helps keep your heart going.

“Specifically, we're looking at how it impacts their physical activity levels and some other aspects of their health,” Leah Whigham, with Paso Del Norte for Healthy Living, said.

The study, which will look into physical and mental health, needs 1,250 participants.

If you’re interested in participating, you do have to meet certain requirements. For example, participants have to live within a half-mile radius of the new Alameda and Dyer Brio Rapid Transit System. You can visit the Active El Paso website, email ActiveElPasoStudy@gmail.com, or call 915-257-5865 for more information.

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