Update: Woman, boyfriend arrested in stolen package case from Las Cruces

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A woman and her boyfriend have been arrested, accused of stealing a package from the doorstep of a home in Las Cruces.

Allise Brittany Garcia, 29, and Devon W. Sellers, 30, both of the 3200 block of Missouri Avenue were charged with larceny and receiving stolen property, according to police. Sellers was also charged for violating the terms of his probation.

The incident happened on May 22 on Missouri Avenue. Investigators said the homeowner received a package from UPS around 12:20 p.m. and three minutes later, the home’s security system captured video of Garcia walking up to the entryway and shows her taking the package.

The video than shows Garcia getting into a black car that investigators found out was driven by Sellers.

Police said the package contained a Samsung cellphone valued at $240.

An officer contacted Garcia who said she had been involved in stealing the package. Police said she also told officers she had thrown the phone away in a trash bin near the house where she took it from.

It was later found that Sellers had sold the phone for $30 at a kiosk in a local Walmart store, police said.

We spoke to the homeowner after the incident. He didn’t want to be named but said it wasn’t the first time someone has taken things from his property. He said tools have been stolen from his truck.

“We did get broken into and burglarized and that’s part of the reason why we decided to get a security system put in,” he said.

The homeowner also said those who took his package, may have been planning it.

“It looked organized because they pulled right up and it happened about three minutes after the package was delivered, so it almost seemed like they were following the truck or at least had an idea that there would be a package there,” the man said.

Garcia surrendered herself on Tuesday was scheduled for a court appearance. Sellers was arrested last Wednesday on the probation violation charged. He is being held without bond at the Dona Ana County Detention Center.

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