Upper Valley neighbors worried about vicious dog on the loose near elementary school

Upper Valley neighbors worried about vicious dog on the loose near elementary school.

Neighbors in the Upper Valley tell CBS4 they are worried about a vicious dog on the loose after one woman said her three dogs were attacked in her own backyard. Neighbors said two dogs were involved in the attack, but only one has been caught. The CBS4 Problem Solver went to check out the neighborhood Wednesday, and found it is just down the street from Zach White Elementary School. El Paso ISD said on the day of the attack, the school kept students indoors until Animal Services arrived.

Tami Combs said two vicious dogs found their way into her backyard.

"They could have been killed!" Combs said. "I threw my purse, ran around the side in the yard and then saw two pit bulls attacking my dogs. It was horrible! I just stood there for a minute in shock. I couldn't believe it! How did these dogs get in my yard?"

Tami’s neighbor, who did not want to be identified, saw the attack.

"They just bolted in her yard as fast (as) lightning,” the neighbor said. "I’m not sure [how they got in]. It's a chain-link fence and a rock wall. So they just muscle their way in. I think they just squeezed."

The neighbor described the attack as "a pile of dogs."

"Horrible horrible guttural screaming. Like gurgling. It was terrible,” she said.

Tami ran towards the loose dogs.

"They got scared of me. And one got away, climbed the 7-foot fence back and took off. The other one, I grabbed,” Tami said.

Animal Services said the dog Tami caught was actually a Rottweiler. The city gave the owner three citations for the dog not having vaccinations, a microchip, or regulation tags. They are Class C's with fines possibly up to $2,000.

Tami has eight dogs, mostly rescues and a service dog. She said three of them were hurt in the attack.

"One dog I couldn't see couldn't stand up. Blood all over. All four legs, the back of his neck. Another dog, a little one, was running back-and-forth real fast behind the shed terrified. He was bleeding from the neck. They had gotten both sides of his neck,” Tami said. “The vet put the dogs on oxygen, IVs, and gave them the stitches and pain meditation. They had to have surgery. One spent the weekend in the ER vet. My little black dog without the puncture wounds was terrified to go in the backyard. He would not go in the backyard. He was too scared and he shook all over."

Tami said the vet bills are $2,000 and climbing. Animal Services released the Rottweiler back to the owner, but said the other dog is still on the loose.

"Now I'm afraid to leave them in the backyard to play!" Tami said.

Tami’s neighbor is worried about the missing dog being close to two schools.

"This canal, it's the Montoya drain. And it runs north and south. It's a corridor for two schools. Kids walk home in this neighborhood,” the neighbor said. "In the mornings I see mothers with strollers, I see old people in the morning with canes, children alone, children on bikes. It's disheartening. The whole community has the carpool going on. None of the kids are walking home right now."

Animal Services said the investigation is ongoing, and there might be more fines for the owner.

"The owners of the dogs need to take responsibility for that accident!" the neighbor said.

"I'm not for tying dogs up. But if they can't keep them in their yard, rehome them or tie them up,” Tami said.

The CBS4 Problem Solver went to the cited owner's home. She spoke with them, but they refused to talk.

Tami has a GoFundMe page set up to help with the vet bills.

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