UTEP creates more resources for growing number of military students

UTEP Military Student Success Center

The University of Texas at El Paso says its counseling program is in high demand due to an increase in military students.

Priscilla Tremenheere is the assistant director for the Military Student Success Center.

She says the number of UTEP military students doubled from around 1,500 in 2015 to around 3,000 in 2018.

"We have seen an increased demand not only here at the MSCC but in other departments across campus," says Tremenheere.

Nate Chaney is a military student at UTEP. He says more needs to be done about mental illness. That is why he conducted a forum called “College Success and Mental Illness."

The forum was created to help current military students overcome the stigma regarding mental illness.

"If a person living with mental illness feel like they are being stigmatized or facing discrimination,” said Chaney.

Students like Chaney went on to help the school's military center create a resource center to help with mental illness.

“It's called the MSA, the Military Student Association at UTEP. They received a grant and we were able to open the Military Resource Center. The resource center is there to help other students relate to others that have gone through the same experience they have," said Tremenheere.

Chaney hopes the new resources offered by UTEP will help military students become comfortable with mental illness and open to using the school's resources if they need it.

“I’m hoping to spread a better voice to reach to the families because when I (lived) with mental illness basically my family lived with it too,” said Chaney.

For a complete list on resources offered by UTEP for military students, visit the Military Success Center website.

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