UTEP donors stay hopeful for football program

UTEP donors said they'll stay hopeful for the rest of the 2017 football season.

Donors like Maynard Haddad said even five losses in a row on the field won't affect his support of the football program.

"This is nothing new," Haddad said. "We've gone through more of this than we have the other side."

Haddad said he still has hope, but wishes UTEP would do more to fill up the stands.

"We've got a great base of supporters," he said. "Sometimes I think the administration does a great job, but it wouldn't hurt if they did a little more."

UTEP is offering $10 tickets, $5 beer and $2 hot dogs at Saturday night's homecoming game. Otherwise, the football promotions page is blank on its website.

"About this time every year, we say come on basketball season," UTEP donor Tony Stafford said.

He thinks the team and school needs passion.

"I have sat in that stadium through a lot of losing games," Stafford said.

Stafford said he hopes coach Price will bring that passion.

"(Coach Price) doesn't have a lot of time to do very much, but he might inspire (the players)," he said.

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