Vandals damaging spray parks around El Paso

Spray park at the Westside Community Park

The city of El Paso is dealing with vandalism at multiple spray parks around El Paso.

Stacey Wright, the community center supervisor for aquatics, said maintenance staff members are spending more time cleaning up after vandalism.

"We're seeing kids ride on the pads with skateboards and bicycles that can damage the pads," Wright said. "They're taking some of the big rocks that are in the landscaping around and they're breaking the lights."

Wright said some parts of the play structures themselves have also been broken off.

"It's discouraging because they're free and open to the public," she said.

Another issue is people throwing rocks into the dump buckets, which could injure children standing underneath when the bucket dumps.

Parents said they're disappointed in whomever vandalizes the parks.

"It's honestly heartbreaking," Vanessa Marquez Williams said. "It's such a beautiful area. It's such cool things to do for the kids and then to hear that people are vandalizing it, throwing rocks in the bucket, that could hurt somebody."

There are surveillance cameras at every spray park, according to Wright. The cameras take photos of activity at the spray parks after closing time and play a message over a speaker to let people know it's closed.

"If the public sees something going on, go ahead and call police and let them know," Wright said.

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