Veterans one-stop center changing its services

El Paso Veterans one-stop center

The veterans in Northeast El Paso have been concerned about whether their one-stop center would be closing.

The center serves hundreds of veterans every week, providing everything from mental health services to weekly activities.

Volunteer Rick Flores says he was told on Thursday that the center will be closed.

"As far as we know, most of the clinical staff has already been moved out of there and we were told the building will be closing," Flores said.

But leaders of the center say that is not true.

"We just want to make it clear to the veteran community that the one-stop shop is not closing" said Rene Hurtado, chief of staff at Emergence Health Network.

Hurtado says the center is undergoing a shift in programs. There will no longer be clinical services.

Veterans will have to go to private clinics for that. But the other programs at the center will remain in place.

Volunteer William Fahey said that the therapy service was a big part of helping the veterans.

"I don’t like it at all. You get those veterans in there, get 'em started and now your cutting their legs off" said Fahey.

Hurtado said although therapy services will no longer be provided, veterans can still use the center for other purposes.

"We have all kinds of great activities for veterans and their families and none of that will be interrupted," said Hurtado.

The grant for the center ran out, causing employees to be reassigned and programs to be shifted. But the veteran one-stop center in Northeast El Paso will not be closing.

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