VIDEO: ATV violently crashes into Jeep at Red Sands

An ATV collides with a Jeep at Red Sands in El Paso.

A utility task vehicle crash caught on camera at Red Sands is a stark reminder about the importance of off-roading safety. Nobody was hurt in the crash at the sand dunes last week, but the video is pretty scary.

Posted on YouTube by Texas Recreational Safety & Land Management, the video shows a Can-Am UTV do a jump at Red Sands in El Paso. The UTV crashes into a Jeep Wrangler.

The Texas Recreational Safety & Land Management team responded to the crash. The chief safety instructor, Jamil Moutran, said this is why spotters and flags are important.

"If you ride in an area that has sand dunes, it's important to make sure you have proper equipment placed on that vehicle,” Moutran said. “Having a whip and a flag can be crucial in terms of preventing these types of collisions."

Moutran also said the impact of last week’s crash was pretty significant, and that the driver walked away unharmed because of a helmet.

"Anytime you go off roading, make sure you take the proper safety precautions to include any type of safety training, safety equipment, making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained,” Moutran said.

Moutran said it's important to remember you're not the only person there. Scan ahead as you drive to identify potential hazards.

"It's always best to stop at the very top of the sand dune. Be aware of your surroundings, look around, and make sure there's nothing at the bottom before you proceed over,” Moutran said. “Just riding over a sand dune can be extremely dangerous without the use of a spotter being right there on top of that sand dune to watch the area for you."

One Canadian was working hard to stay safe on his trip to the desert Sunday.

"It is private property. It is a bit of a, anyone-can-go-anywhere,” said Ontario, Canada resident Sheldon Heard. "There was a few spots where you look out, you gotta keep your eye out for everyone. But there was a few spots where some bikes went by. But we're always on the lookout."

"We had a guide with us all the time. So he was able to stop when he saw there was traffic congestion, and encouraged us to go forward when it was safe,” said East El Paso resident Sam Guzman.

In-depth safety lessons and equipment are available at the shop at the entrance to Red Sands.

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