Visit El Paso running LGBTQ ad campaign in El Paso, New Mexico and Dever

    Visit El Paso running LGBTQ ad campaign in El Paso, New Mexico and Dever (Source: Visit El Paso) <p>{/p}

    A progressive ad campaign promoting El Paso is making its way across the country. You might not have seen this advertisement yet, because it doesn't run here in El Paso. It features two gay men and the words, “In El Paso, Amor is Amor.”

    "I think it could be very effective. I think it captures the spirit of the community, of acceptance,” said Lower Valley resident Elena Rocha.

    The LGBTQ campaign started running Sept. 4.

    "We focus on a 300-mile radius from El Paso. We're also including Denver on this campaign,” said Veronica Castro, Director of Tourism Development for Visit El Paso.

    Visit El Paso is running the ad. Castro said the city overall is an LGBTQ-friendly community.

    "We wanted to make sure the rest of Texas and New Mexico knew that we were LBGT-friendly. We want them to come and experience El Paso,” Castro said.

    Castro said they are not expecting any backlash and haven't received any so far. In fact, they have gotten a lot more website clicks in the last week.

    "It's a very great market to go after. Usually they have a lot of available income to spend for vacation, and they like to take quick vacations,” Castro said. “We've done a lot of research."

    Castro said nearly all of our destinations in El Paso are LGBTQ-friendly, including the zoo and the water park.

    There is an iconic El Paso gay bar about to re-open on Ochoa Street, “the OP” or the Old Plantation.

    "It being the oldest gay bar in El Paso, it's very iconic. It brings back a lot of memories for a lot of people,” said Mark Adkins, owner of the Old Plantation.

    After 40 years in business, the Old Plantation shut down in 2012, and it's opening again next Friday, Sept. 21. The owner said El Paso is a gay-friendly city, and this campaign reflects that.

    "They're coming to terms with it and opening their eyes and hopefully understanding that the gay community, they're all taxpaying citizens. They're human beings just like everybody else,” Adkins said.

    The ad is scheduled to run through the end of December.

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