Weeds in stormwater pond create problems for east El Paso neighborhood

Trash along drainage pond on Lee Boulevard

Menlo Pond, located off Lee Boulevard and Pebble Hills Boulevard, has become an eyesore for people living around it.

Weeds are growing on parts of the sidewalk surrounding the pond, as well as inside the pond.

The weeds are not only unsightly but they’re also filled with stickers.

Now, residents want them gone for good.

They told CBS4 the stickers spread through the neighborhood when it’s windy and kids can’t ride their bikes because the stickers ruin their tires.

They said El Paso Water does come out and clear out the weeds once a year but they grow back fast.

So they want a more permanent solution.

“My neighborhood would like to see that area actually paved, those dirt areas (paved), so we don’t have this issue in the future,” said resident Andrew Gomez.

Monday at 10 p.m. CBS4 will show you how El Paso Water keeps track of clearing weeds, as well as the city’s possible solution for a permanent fix.

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