Winds gusts breaking speed limits in west El Paso

A view of Western Playland on a windy day.jpg

The wind in West El Paso didn’t let up. Throughout the day the view of the Franklin Mountains was gone due to the dust picked up by the strong gusts.

Residents of West El Paso and Sunland Park, New Mexico, said that this is the time of year where they expect this type of weather.

Jason Landers said he was working outside when he decided the wind was too strong. He said he is used to the wind.

“I have lived other places where it was equal to or worse ... it's Texas,” said Landers.

Some like Abigail Martinez said that she likes the windy weather.

“I like it because it cools down the heat, it's not as hot but obviously my hair is all over the place; but yeah, it's OK, it's better than it being too hot or too cold,” said Martinez.

Although the temperature is to her liking, she says her dad suffers during this time of year.

“It doesn't help especially with all of the people that get allergies around here. I know my Dad is flaring up and I am getting a little bit of allergies too,” said Martinez.

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