Winds rip roof of home, knocks down power lines in Northeast El Paso

Wind knocked down power lines in northeast El Paso.jpg

Fierce winds in Northeast El Paso ripped off the roof of one home and knocked down a couple of power poles.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. near the intersection of Hodges Circle and Kendall Drive.

Tim Dickens' house was damaged by debris from a roof that wasn't his, but that of his neighbor Deborah Rocha, who lives two doors down.

“I look out the window and I see the patio hit my truck, busted the windshield, landed on top of it, took out the pole, and snapped the pole in the backyard," said Dickens.

Deborah Rocha rushed home from work after receiving a phone call from her son about her roof.

“We've had the windows cracked by the winds before but nothing like this," said Deborah Rocha.

Deborah’s son Joe Rocha said he noticed something was wrong when he felt a wave of dust hit him while he was sleeping.

“I looked out and the cops were there and the fire department. Well, when they were here, I just look past them a little bit and I seen all this into the trees," said Joe Rocha.

People living nearby were without power as crews worked to replace two power poles that also came down.

Power was restored around 5 p.m.

Neighbors say their roofs, fences, cars and belongings may be damaged but they are happy no one was hurt.

“I feel really bad. The first thing I did before I actually went inside was check on my neighbor and make sure everything is okay because the power line was down and it was sparking everywhere," said Deborah Rocha.

Crews have been working to clear the area since 10 in the morning and the cleanup is still ongoing.

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