Woman collecting donations for fellow victims of domestic violence

Betty Lindsey is collecting donations for fellow victims of domestic violence.

Betty Lindsey wants to turn her story into hope for other victims of domestic violence.

Police said her boyfriend, Joe Azure, allegedly beat her up so badly that she was in a coma for a week at the end of August. He's being charged with attempted murder, according to Lindsey.

“(The doctors) all said it was a miracle to survive. They did six surgeries. I’m getting my seventh one here pretty soon,” she said.

Lindsey said she had 28 facial fractures. Doctors put six metal plates into her nose and face to fix, she said.

“Blood was everywhere and I couldn’t see nothing, and I laid there and pretended I was dead,” Lindsey said.

Even though she has a lot of physical and emotional healing left, she said she wants to help other victims.

“I want to make tiny purses where when someone wakes up, they have toiletries. They have tissue paper. They have a wallet. They have socks,” Lindsey said.

She’s collecting donations of used purses, toiletries, hair brushes and feminine products to put together care packages for hospitals to give to victims.

“I want justice,” she said. “I want every woman to stand up and fight because there’s no giving up.”

Lindsey’s son, Hunter Lindsey, is helping to collect donations. His phone number is 575-618-7277 to schedule a time to pick them up in Las Cruces.

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