Students suspected of making threats to local schools facing punishment

Close up on handcuffed hands of criminal

Two students were disciplined for making threats on social media Thursday night.

A student was arrested for making a threat aimed at El Dorado High School on Friday morning, a spokesperson for the Socorro Independent School District said.

The districts are not releasing the students' name.

On Thursday night, two social media posts about Ysleta and Burges high schools also raised concern for parents.

The student who made threatening comments online about Ysleta High School was found, according to a spokesperson with the Ysleta Independent School District. The Department of Homeland Security and El Paso Police Department were notified of this incident.

The district immediately notified parents about the possible threat. The school was monitored by extra security on Friday.

Gustavo Reveles, with the El Paso Independent School District, said an investigation was launched for a threat made to Burges High School.

EPISD encourages parents not to share any social media posts and to instead report any suspicious activity to the police.

Those found guilty of making false reports can face jail time.

Zenas Todd Jenkins was charged with making a false report about a man with a gun at Austin High School last May. Jenkins is scheduled to go to trial on May 4. If found guilty, he could face 180 days to two years in jail. He could also be forced to pay a $10,000 fine.

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