YISD looking for solutions to student parking problem at Eastwood High School

Students currently have to show proof of registration and insurance to obtain permits for church parking.

The Ysleta Independent School District is planning ways to fix the student parking problem at Eastwood High School.

That’s after people in the Eastridge neighborhood say students parking in the area have become a nuisance.

While renovations continue at Eastwood High School, the district has rented out the St. Andrew and St. Luke parking lots for students to use daily.

However, they’re usually empty.

Now the administration is finding ways to get students to park there to see if this could become a more permanent solution to the problem.

Right now students are choosing to park in the Eastridge neighborhood instead.

“I think if the students were just a little more conscientious of how they parked and maybe driving through the streets, that would probably alleviate some of the concern that some of the residents have,” said East El Paso resident Patricia Argumaniz.

Altogether there are 212 student parking spots - 82 at St. Andrew and 130 at St. Luke.

That’s 127 more spots than were available when construction began in June.

Students currently have to show proof of registration and insurance to obtain permits for church parking.

YISD officials told CBS4 there were only 11 permits issued as of November.

The school does not keep track of how many students currently drive to school.

“What we have found out is that they’re not using the church parking lot because it’s too far to walk. They want to park as close to the school as possible,” said YISD chief of operations Pat O’Neill.

The district says it’ll focus on getting students to use the leased space before the city steps in with more drastic measures, like creating a neighborhood parking district.

The principal of Eastwood High School, David Boatright, told CBS4 that administrators would come up with incentives for students to use the church parking lot.

The school district said it’s only leased the parking lots for the duration of construction.

They still have yet to determine if they’ll continue leasing the spaces if the parking problem continues after that.

During the community meeting, Boatright told community members that there’d be closer to 100 parking spaces after renovations are complete.

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