El Paso YMCA offering free family memberships to furloughed employees

    Westside Family YMCA

    The YMCA of El Paso is offering those employees that have been furloughed, or working and not getting paid due to the government shutdown, a place to work out for free with their family.

    "Stress can be high for these government workers and their families. Some may be living paycheck to pa check and not knowing when they get paid next is very stressful. The YMCA is here to relieve that stress for the entire family," said Bill Coon, president/CEO of the YMCA.

    They said current members affected will not be billed for the duration of the government shutdown or for three months.

    YMCA of El Paso locations:

    Westside Family YMCA 7145 N. Mesa 584-9622

    Bowling Family YMCA 5509 Will Ruth 755-9622

    Loya Family YMCA 2044 Trawood 590-9622

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