EPISD mock election starts conversation with students

EPISD mock election starts conversation with students

The mock elections turned out to be a success for the El Paso Independent School District.

With the help of faculty, staff and technology, students had their results the same day as well.

EPISD went as far as setting up its little democracy to also include the Electoral College.

A third-grade teacher for the district said that her class was watching the district's live updates throughout the day.

Karen Balbier says, "Hillary Clinton was winning. At another campus with a higher population Donald Trump was winning."

She goes on to say that it began a conversation about how the Electoral College works.

And much like our nation's election, the district's popular vote showed that Hillary Clinton was winning.

And as for the district's electoral votes, Donald Trump had that win as well.

E.P.I.S.D. tells me that this was a great learning experience for the elementary students.

Balbier says, "17-year-olds you know they can't actually vote but they felt like they were a part of that process."

She goes on to tell us that the students felt like they would be ready to vote at the next election.

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