WATCH: Strong winds and storm surge hit Florida during Hurricane Irma

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WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) -- The state of Florida is facing catastrophic conditions due to Hurricane Irma's wrath.

New video from Live Storms Media shows how much impact the hurricane is having in Miami, Naples and Marco Island.

The effects of the storm can be seen in the video below from Naples, Fla. where leaves fell from trees and were left rustling. Viewers can also see the impact of the wind coming to the state.

Water also continues to rise as is seen in the video below. A storm surge is rapidly taking over streets in Miami, Fla.

In Tampa, the hurricane caused boats to become beached. Excessive low water at low tide left boats stuck on dry land.

Extreme winds were noticable in Marco Island, Fla. This occured as the eye of Hurricane Irma approaches the southwest Florida coastline.

Four people have already died as a result of the storm in St. Maarten Island, according to the Dutch government. Florida Power and Light also says that it will take several weeks to restore power for all Floridians who have lost it in the midst of the storm.

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