Arlington County officers go viral with in-uniform synchronized swimming pool video

    Arlington County officers go viral with in-uniform synchronized swimming pool video. (Courtesy: Arlington Co. Police Dept)

    It's the video making a splash on the internet.

    Arlington County Police, going for the gold, and synchronized swimming in full uniform with flower caps and all.

    "We gotta keep it spicy and I jumped into the pool with the uniform, but the funny thing is this vest is not a life preserver, this vest is actually a weight," said Sgt. Damon Washington, who produced, shot, scored and edited the department’s promotional video.

    Sgt. Washington may have been pulled to the bottom of the pool, but his minute-and-a-half video is floating high on Facebook. It’s now going viral.

    "To be quite frank, it's refreshing to do something that's absolutely 180 degrees different than what police do on a day-to-day basis," said Ofc. Dan Gardner.

    The department posted 'Water Too' on its Facebook page Thursday to help promote Arlington's 3rd annual Police, Fire and Sheriff Block Party later this month. The police officers’ swimming stunts and handstands are also intended to put out a positive image of policing and reach out to the community.

    "I think it's an idea of how creative the team can be and new and engaging ways to meet different people and show a different side of policing," said Capt. Adrienne Quigley, commander of the third district, which focuses on community outreach and engagement.

    It took quite a bit of practice for the officers to show off their moves. Sgt. Washington said it took multiple takes over the course of several days.

    "It was a lot of pressure to make this happen exactly right and there was a lot of stuff that could go wrong with me being up front,” said Ofc. Ben Manning, who was in the front of the line as the officers jumped into the pool. “I really enjoy this part of what we do and being able to do real community outreach and show people the other side of police work.”

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