REPORT: University lecturers told not to use all caps or risk scaring students

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    A British newspaper is reporting lecturers at a university have been told not to use capital letters in assignments because it might frighten students into failure.

    The Express detailed a memo it obtained that was sent out to Leeds Trinity's School of Journalism staff.

    The staff was told to "write in a helpful, warm tone, avoiding officious language and negative instructions," according to The Express.

    The Express says course leaders told them capitalizing specific letters could emphasize the difficulty or importance of an assignment.

    In a memo the newspaper obtained, it says, "Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all."

    The memo also says the staff must be "explicit about any inexplicitness" in assignment briefs or face the facts students could become confused.

    It continued, saying students who are unsure of an assignment and are confused may decide not to even try it after talking with friends on social media.

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