WATCH: Suspect applies for job during police chase

Photo: CNN Newsource

A suspect in a police chase in Massachusetts took a quick detour Tuesday -- to apply for a job.

Entering an Osprey Wireless business, the man casually asked if the company was hiring, General Manager Jeff Moran said.

"Cool as a cucumber, no sweaty hands, clean shirt," Moran said.

Surveillance video shows the suspect entering Moran's office and filling out an application.

"So I said, 'boy, there goes a police dog by the window,'" Sales Manager Brian Carpentar said. "He goes, 'Let me see.''

Carpenter approached police, who had been searching the car of the applicant -- 26-year-old Jose Jimenez, accused of running over an officer's foot at a traffic stop.

"I described to him what he looked like," Carpenter said. "Then he showed me a picture and I said, 'Yeah, that looks like him.'"

After a short tussle, Jimenez is cuffed and led outside.

He is now being held on $250,000 bail.

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