Juarenses unite during Pope Francis' visit

Pope Francis smiles and waves upon arrival at the US-Mexico border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, Feb. 17, 2016. After a brief moment of prayer, Francis got back on his popemobile to head for the fairgrounds, where he celebrated his last Mass during a five-day Mexico tour. (Gabriel Bouys/Pool Photo via AP)

Wednesday's papal visit to Juárez was one residents won't forget.

From the airport welcome in front of hundreds to the streets lined with thousands and the mass with hundreds of thousands, Pope Francis received a warm welcome.

After the pope's departure the Juárez streets are returning back to normal with traffic flowing once again and the crowds heading home.

People who caught a glimpse of the pontiff said they felt the presence of God.

They said the hours of waiting, the traffic the headaches, all of it was worth it.

It was a brief moment that Derek Travis was in the presence of Pope Francis as he passed by.

"It moved a little bit faster than I was expecting." said Travis.

But for Derek and the thousands of others of people who lined the streets of Juárez Wednesday, the memory will last a lifetime.

"It's a really good experience, I mean I've never really seen very many world leaders or our little religious leaders," said Travis.

Juarenses are feeling the collective sigh of relief that the pope's trip went on without a hitch.

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