Thousands pack Sun Bowl for papal telecast

The Two Nations, One Faith event at the Sun Bowl.

Thousands of people filled the Sun Bowl Wednesday for a day of entertainment followed by a live telecast of the pope's mass in Juárez.

During the Mass, Pope Francis blessed the people at the Sun Bowl.

"It's overwhelming. I actually cried," said Miranda Escobar of East El Paso.

Screams erupted in the stands and people rose to their feet when the pope said "Gracias, El Paso."

People came from all over the country. Barbara Ann and William Mayfield are on a cross-country road trip and stopped at the Sun Bowl for the event.

"My goodness, how close we are to Juárez," said Barbara Ann Mayfield. "It's mind-blowing just how close we are. It's amazing hearing this message."

The stadium enjoyed hours of live performers, including musician Tony Melendez, who is disabled and plays guitar with his feet.

"Coming here and not being able to go to Juárez is an amazing experience, to be able to see him and be in his presence," said Escobar.

Locals said the 'Two Nations, One Faith' event put the border region in the spotlight.

"There's a lot of people who don't know a lot about El Paso,

so this will give us the exposure and they can see how great El Paso really is," said Robert Renteria of Socorro.

Crews tell CBS4 the set will be torn down Wednesday.

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