Boundary changes cause frustration for SISD parents dealing with bus issues

A bus for the Socorro Independent School District.

Parents in the Socorro independent school district aren't happy with new bus routes.

They say pickup times have fallen behind.

SISD is the fastest growing district in El Paso.

Because of this, schools are getting overcrowded.

The district implemented some boundary changes last year, and as a result, some new students are being sent to different schools.

But now it's causing problems with buses.

"First day of school, never got picked up," said parent Valerie Garcia.

Garcia said she has been playing a guessing game when her son gets home from school.

"He was told to call his parents because the bus wasn't getting him. This was already at 3:55," she said.

Garcia's son lives closer to James Butler Elementary School, but due to overcrowding, he attends Chester Jordan Elementary.

Garcia told CBS4 that the bus finally showed up that day at 4:10 but still had to take students like her son back to James Butler, where they get picked up or walk home.

"4:45, by the time they walk home, that's 5 o'clock in the afternoon when they get out at 3:15," she said.

SISD officials tell me there are 875 new students this year, which has put a strain on transportation services.

"With that information, we're gathering the data and then we're adjusting our routes," said Marivel Macias, assistant superintendent of administrative services.

When the CBS4 Problem Solvers contacted the district, they started making changes.

Macias says the district is working to get another bus on the route and make sure kids are safe when they arrive.

"We contacted all of our home campuses that receive the overflows back home. We're going to make sure that they have one of our crossing-guard monitors there to receive the students and make sure that we cross them," Macias said.

Parents like Garcia said that's all they want.

"I just hope they get their bus situation going on because it's so frustrating," she said.

Macias said that as they continue to gather information and feedback to adjust overflow routes, parents can expect the pick up times to be a lot shorter.

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