Caregiver says her company hasn't paid her in months

Ana Trujillo said InHome Care, Inc. hasn't paid her in months.

An El Paso woman said her company hasn't paid her in months and she's facing eviction because of it.

Ana Trujillo started working as a caregiver at InHome Care Inc. 16 years ago.

"I'm behind on my rent, my car payment (and) my insurances," Trujillo said. "It's just been hectic."

Since June, Trujillo said, she gets paychecks but the bank won't deposit them because it says her company has insufficient funds.

"They're only paying me with paper because even the bank is charging me for those papers," she said.

Trujillo said she's called the corporate office countless times, but does not get any firm answers.

"They tell me that I have to wait and I'm still waiting," she said.

CBS 4 On Your Side went to the InHome Care Inc. office in El Paso. The employees there said to call the corporate office in Midland, Texas, adding that they had no information.

A spokesperson with the corporate office said their billing company wasn't billing patients, so the company wasn't getting that money. InHome Care Inc. has since switched billing companies and is working to pay employees, the spokesperson said.

Trujillo said that's what they told her months ago.

"I want them to pay me and pay me for my suffering," Trujillo said. "Hopefully they'll take care of this problem and not do it to other people."

Trujillo said she put in her two-week notice to quit on Thursday.

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