CBS4 Problem Solvers help man get answers from EPPD

A man's brand-new truck was hit by a car fleeing from police.

A man if finally getting answers about a police chase that left his brand-new truck getting crashed after CBS4 Problem Solvers got involved.

Brandon McWilliams is an Army reservist who mobilized here a year ago.

Last month, El Paso police were chasing a car that crashed into him.

He said he had trouble getting the answers he needed, until the CBS4 Problem Solvers started asking questions.

McWilliams said a couple of weeks after purchasing his new pickup, he was stopped at the intersection of Hondo Pass Drive and Dyer Street.

"I was in the middle of the intersection and I just felt a thump,” he said. "Well, first, I thought 'Wow. What was that? Did I just hit somebody?' And then I saw the bumper."

He said a red car hit him and didn’t stop.

“police sirens driving by, so I figured, 'Oh I hit somebody,' and, 'Oh, I guess they're not stopping, because the police are chasing them,” he said.

He said the officers involved didn’t stop either.

"I wasn't exactly sure if they saw the crash,” he said.

McWilliams said he was told an officer wouldn’t be responding to the crash that Saturday afternoon.

Instead, police told him to file a report the following Monday, which he did.

"I would just have to wait for someone to call about my case, which I think I was waiting a week and a half, before I contacted you guys,” he said.

The CBS4 Problem Solvers asked police about the crash.

The next day, he finally got a call back.

"The detective assigned to my case called and gave me all of the information I needed,” he said.

Now, he plans to file a claim with the city of El Paso’s Attorney’s Office.

"I'm not saying it was the city's fault, but it was a high-speed pursuit for -- they were chasing an individual,” he said. ”It's an unfortunate incident and hoping to work my way out of it, as best as I can."

McWilliams tells CBS4 police told him that the driver involved in the chase does not have a driver’s license or vehicle insurance.

We asked the city of El Paso if they’ve dealt with pursuit crashes in the past, or paid out these claims before.

We haven’t heard back on those questions at this time.

McWilliams said he will wait to get back home in Louisville, Kentucky, to take his truck in for estimates.

He and his family left El Paso Thursday.

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