Customers in East El Paso without gas for 6th day

Customers in East El Paso without gas for 6th day (Source: CBS4)

Some residents in the Lomaland neighborhood are still without gas while others continue feeling the effects of the closures over the weekend.

Tony's Burrito House told CBS4 On Your Side that it will be hurting for some time to make up for the lost profits from the weekend rush.

"If we don't have gas, we can't cook. Stoves don't work. We can't heat up food. We can't do anything," Irais Argueta said.

Argueta is the manager at Tony's Burrito House. She said that, on both Saturday and Sunday, the business had to make the costly decision to close.

"Everyone was sad to be sent home on Saturday. Sunday the same. The customers, which is our busiest days, they come in for breakfast and we couldn't open our doors because of that problem," Argueta said.

CBS4 On Your Side called El Paso Water. In a statement to CBS4, the utility said there was pipe corrosion. The statement reads:

Our initial investigation has determined the water main and a gas main were physically touching underneath the street, resulting in corrosion of our water line. 15 homes experienced temporary loss of service that was restored the same day, and repairs to the line were completed Sunday.

"It doesn't smell right. It's like sulphuric, like gassy, and it's not gotten better," Darlina Brown said.

Brown's home was one of several affected by the gas shut-off over the weekend. She said her home has water and gas again but, after almost a week, it's still not right.

"The water pressure isn't the same. The water still smells like gas. We're not drinking the water. I don't feel safe about it yet," Brown said.

We took those concerns to El Paso Water. They said indoor and outdoor water lines have to be left running for an extended period of time before any trapped air or possible smells will stop.

Texas Gas Service posted on its website that some clients might have to contact a licensed plumber in case water entered customer-owned piping or equipment. CBS4 On Your Side called Texas Gas Service and learned that it will compensate those homeowners.

The company also said that a claim representative has been visiting affected homes. If you weren't home when the representative came by, you can call the customer service line at 1-800-700-2443. A representative will take your information and pass it along to a claims representative.

El Paso Water said that, if you're still smelling gas in your home's water, you can call its customer service line at 915-594-5500.

If there is problem you would CBS4 Problem Solvers to look into call the hotline at 915-833-4411.

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