East El Paso residents concerned over property damage from fiber optics installation

East El Paso residents concerned over property damage from fiber optics installation (CBS4)

People in one Far East El Paso community are angry because they say contractors installing fiber optics in the area have been reckless with personal property.

Construction equipment has been sitting outside of Cristina Castaneda's house on David Forti Drive, near Edgemere, for the past month.

She said she didn't question it until this week.

"They broke my tree, my branches and my water line, and I'm sure there's more people like me out there," she said.

The work is being done by contractors installing fiber optics for AT&T in the entire area.

Castaneda told CBS4 that she, along with other neighbors, were not notified that construction was supposed to begin last month.

"[The company] said they left door tags which they didn't. If I would have known or been notified, I would have known who to direct my issue to," she said.

Castaneda told CBS4 she was given the runaround when trying to look for answers as to why her water was out.

"You talk to the workers and they tell you that they're just following orders and then you talk to the supervisor and they say they're just doing a contract. It's like throwing a beach ball here and there with no real true answers," she said.

After making some calls, CBS4 Problem Solvers was redirected to corporate.

A spokesperson told us:

"We are committed to ensuring our work to upgrade service in this area is completed with the least amount of disruption possible.

Unfortunately, in this case, a contractor damaged a water line which has been repaired.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

The company would not tell CBS4 who is supposed to be in charge of on-site safety procedures.

They did say they left door tags on people's properties when construction was set to begin.

"They need to tell people what they're doing so we're aware. All I asked from them was I need an apology," Castaneda said.

The company did not give CBS4 an exact timeline on construction.

They encouraged residents with any questions or concerns to call 915-599-9865.

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