El Paso home filled with sewage for months

An central El Paso homeowner says her home was damaged by sewage.

A woman in Central El Paso said she's had sewage overflowing in her home for months and can't get answers why.

"This is ridiculous. You cannot live like this," Sylvia Mendez said. "I have not gotten a firm answer from anybody."

Mendez said the problem started in June when the basement flooded with water from the sewage line. Actual sewage flooded her basement after that.

She said she hired a plumber who checked 15 feet of her sewage lines, but could not find any damage to the pipes or blocks in the system.

"We can't use the tub anymore because there's mold sitting in it," she said.

Her family has had to change their lifestyle, too. Mendez and her family shower are using a plastic bin so no water goes down their drains.

"We decided we're not going to go here to the bathroom. Don't flush the toilets. Don't do anything," she said.

Mendez said that hasn't helped the sewage from coming up.

Mendez said she's been talking with people from El Paso Water about the problems. El Paso Water told CBS 4 in a statement they are working with Mendez and checking sewage lines in her neighborhood.

El Paso Water paid for a team to clean Mendez's basement the second time it flooded with sewage.

The city of El Paso shows a record there was a general plumbing permit for Mendez's home in 2006. Since she didn't live there in 2006, Mendez said she doesn't know what work, if any, was done.

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