Family without power for second night after construction truck hits power line

A Jobe construction truck hit a power line, leaving a family without power. (CBS4)

A family in the Upper Valley won't have power for the second night in a row after a construction truck hit a power line Tuesday afternoon.

Neighbor Edward Gonzales said he saw a Jobe Construction truck drive into a power line on Territory Drive, knocking out power for the neighborhood.

"I heard a loud explosion, like a loud boom," Gonzales said. "I believe the whole neighborhood lost power."

El Paso Electric fixed one damaged pole, getting power back to everyone, except for one family.

The Herrera family spent Tuesday night in the dark.

"We have to do everything with candles. We have to shower with candles. We have to walk around the house with candles because it's so dark," Alex Herrera said.

An El Paso Electric spokesperson said the Herreras own the damaged pole on their property, so all El Paso Electric can do is check the meter after the pole is repaired.

The Herreras said they've struggled to have anyone take responsibility for the damage.

"I'm a thousand miles away from home and I can't do anything," Alfredo Herrera said. "I can't leave my family without electricity for another night."

CBS 4 Problem Solvers reached out to Jobe Construction for answers. The fleet supervisor said they'd send an electrician out on Wednesday to repair the damage by the end of the day.

Alfredo Herrera said an electrician showed up Wednesday afternoon, but only for an estimate and not a repair.

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