Homeowners say Morning After Champagne Brunch crowds are disrupting neighborhood

Residents are upset over the large crowds from a nearby barthat park, litter and urinate in their neighborhood. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

A line of parked cars stretched on for blocks on Sunday in the neighborhood off Sun Fire Boulevard and Zaragoza Road.

It was for the Morning After Champagne Brunch at the eastside bar Born and Raised.

The all-day event happens once a month and features live DJs and drink specials.

A lot of people attend this event, which causes parking to spill over from the bar’s parking lot and into the neighborhood directly behind it.

“It’s a lot of concern for us seeing these people coming out stumbling and even getting into cars, not knowing what could happen to them once they leave this neighborhood,” said one concerned homeowner.

People in the neighborhood said it’s become a safety issue.

They told CBS4 it’s due to instances of people urinating and littering in people’s yards.

El Paso police told CBS4 officers increase patrols in the area during the event to address those concerns, but homeowners want more to be done.

“We’ve discussed maybe setting up a petition, talking to our (city) representative to see what can be done to help us as concerned citizens. Maybe putting (up) a no parking (sign) or even talking to the bar themselves and seeing what they can help us with,” the homeowner said.

District Five City Rep. Dr. Michiel Noe said a solution could be to set up a parking district, similar to Kern Place.

People would need a permit to park in the neighborhood.

“If they actually contact my office and say, ‘We would like to apply for a parking district out here,’ my office will literally walk them through the whole process,” Dr. Noe said.

Johnny Escalante, co-owner of Born and Raised sent the following statement:

We work hard to make sure that we are good neighbors and go to great lengths to provide extra security and resources to maintain a safe environment. This includes hiring off duty peace officers & Traffic Control Specialists to monitor the streets. We will gladly meet with the neighborhood to come up with a solution where all parties are happy. We understand working with our neighbors is important for a healthy and successful business.
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