Las Cruces man demands refund from local company due to 'poor service'

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Paul Zoltek wants his money back after hiring Bruce Lee, the owner of Lee's Sign Company in Las Cruces, to build an address rock for his yard.

“I was working in the yard one day on (Nov. 16) and Mr. Lee actually came by the house. He was canvassing the neighborhood,” said Zoltek.

Zoltek decided to buy a new address rock from Lee for $375.

"I gave him the check on (Nov. 16), which was the day he came by the house and I called him on (Dec. 16), a month later, because I had not heard from him and I wanted to check on the status and, at that point, he told me he had gotten busy for the holidays,” said Zoltek.

Zoltek said weeks went by with no word from Lee. That's when he filed a complaint with the New Mexico state attorney general’s office against Lee.

CBS4 contacted Lee, who admitted to dealing with complaints in the past.

“I’m just a one-man show. You know, things happen, and I try to stay up with all my customers," said Lee.

He said he has no control over his suppliers.

“I told (Zoltek) that I was having problems with my supplier and that I’ll try to get it fixed as soon as I can,” said Lee.

Lee said he will not refund Zoltek, even with the unexpected delays, because he already finished the address rock.

But Zoltek said he wants his money back because Lee took longer than expected.

"If the New Mexico attorney general office doesn’t get me any solution, then I’m going to file a small claim lawsuit against him because, as far as I’m concerned, he stole my money," said Zoltek.

The New Mexico state attorney general's office confirmed it is working on Mr. Zoltek's complaint to get his money back.

The office also confirmed that this is not the only complaint it has had to investigate regarding Lee's Sign Company.

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