Lower Valley man worries for his mother's safety after AT&T service outage

Lower Valley man says his mother's landline has not been working since last week. 

**UPDATE: AT&T restored service to the Avalos less than 24 hours after the CBS4 Problem Solver story aired.**

A Lower Valley man says he's worried about his mother's safety after her AT&T landline stopped working on Aug. 14.

James Avalos says the phone service went out after storms last week and hasn't been fixed since.

“I change the jack on the phone to another jack and still no tone,” Avalos said.

His 87-year-old mother is legally blind and is completely reliant on the phone to connect with the outside world.

“I told him my frustration because, you know, that's my mom's only form of communication. She doesn't know how to use a cellphone. She's an elderly lady,” Avalos said.

He’s worried that his mother might need help but won’t be able to reach anyone.

“What happened for those people that don't have service right now and something happens and they need to call 911?” he said.

Avalos says he called AT&T and was told there was a major break in one of the lines.

He says he was promised the service would be working again by Friday.

"Friday came and went. I called on Saturday and they said, 'Oh, Saturday by 5 p.m.' It came and went," Avalos said. "Now is tell me Tuesday by 7 p.m. No other information."

Avalos says he’s trying to switch service providers but there are few options for landlines.

“I have to switch for security reasons. I need to know that my mom is safe. I can't put up with this kind of customer service. It's unheard of. I mean, I'm flabbergasted,” he said.

The CBS4 Problem Solvers reached out to AT&T via email and phone. A representative said the company is investigating the issue.

AT&T sent CBS4 a statement saying, "Due to a wet cable following heavy rains in the area, a limited number of customers in El Paso may be experiencing issues with their wireline services. Technicians are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience."

“I'm just looking for answers. I have no one to turn to,” Avalos said.

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