Man claims solar panel company hasn't fulfilled promises

A man said New Sun Energies hasn't fulfilled its promise to install solar panels within 60 days.

A man in far east El Paso said the solar panel company he has a contract with hasn't fulfilled its promises.

Randy French hired New Sun Energies in May to install solar panels on his roof. He said he was told it'd take 60 days or less to have the panels installed and generating electricity.

"I signed up with (New Sun Energies) because my daughter started a job as one of their sales reps, trying to support her," French said. "We're 300-something days into those 60 days, so I'm wondering what problems they're getting."

French said the panels failed inspections by El Paso Electric three times for not being properly hooked up, not having the proper breaker box and not having required labels.

"(The El Paso Electric worker) said (the contractor) put the wrong breaker box in and they didn't have the plans on site that were supposed to be laminated and available in a certain area," French said.

El Paso Electric confirmed with CBS4 that the panels are not connected.

CBS4 On Your Side reached out to New Sun Energies for answers. An attorney representing the company, Joel Sannes, said initially there was an issue with the transformers not being able to handle the capacity of energy going into the power grid. Sannes said that was cleared up.

When asked about the breaker box and label issues, Sannes said in a statement, "The issues below need to be addressed, but given all of the other work necessary to make a solar system operational, the remaining work is fairly easy to correct and is consistent with the projected operational date being within 10 more business days."

French said he wishes he had done more research on the company before signing the contract.

"Do your research. Take the extra days. Don't let a salesperson pressure you, and I wasn't pressured by a salesperson. I was just trying to make my daughter's career start off," he said.

CBS 4 checked the company's rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are 23 complaints and a "C-" grade on the BBB website.

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