Overgrown brush and debris become concern for Lower Valley homeowner

Debris in Lower Valley canal

It’s a messy situation — old trees and debris are causing concern for one homeowner living near Del Valle High School in the Lower Valley.

“It’s full of trees and there’s garbage back there,” said homeowner Miguel Hernandez.

Hernandez says he’s worried about all the trash and overgrown brush in the pond behind his home on Scooter Lane.

But despite his attempts to get it cleaned up, it hasn’t changed.

“We’ve contacted the city of El Paso and they cleaned a portion of it up to where the trees are at and they say they’re not going to clean the rest of it because it doesn’t belong to them it belongs to the irrigation district,” Hernandez said.

He said his biggest concern is the hazard it’s become to his home.

“The trees back there are dry. A lot of people walk back there. So I mean somebody could be smoking back there and drop a cigarette butt and all those trees catch on fire and there goes our house,” he said.

CBS4 did some digging to find out who it belongs to.

After making some calls, we found that it’s neither the city or the irrigation district’s property, it’s El Paso Water property.

In a statement the utility told CBS4:

El Paso Water crews cleared Navarette #2 Pond of trash and weeds in December 2017, and they will return to clear it again tomorrow ahead of schedule.

When CBS4 returned the next day on Thursday, it looked the same. An abandoned box springs and the dry brush was still there.

“Someone take responsibility for it, for their area. When the city sees grass or weeds in your front yard they expect them to clean it,” Hernandez said.

CBS4 reached out to El Paso water again and they said they would make sure crews went out to clear it on Friday.

El Paso Water tells me because of the size of their infrastructure, they can only clear each pond and channel once a year.

They tell me littering or dumping is something they want to remind the public not to do so the infrastructure can stay clean for a longer period of time.

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