Portion of sidewalk in east El Paso becoming hazard to people with disabilities

Lee Trevino sidewalk.

East El Paso resident Donna Buckman puts her life on the line when she goes to the store each morning in her motorized wheelchair.

“I have to pray every time that I start that [journey] because it's very dangerous,” Buckman said.

She is forced to get into the street for part of that journey because the sidewalk on the corner of Lee Trevino Drive and Anise Street is in major disrepair.

It’s covered in cracks, dirt, and rocks.

“I've had to live in fear every time I come out,” Buckman said.

CBS4 witnessed Buckman making the dangerous trek.

Her caretaker, Lupe Romero, had to step out into the street as well to make sure vehicles were aware of Buckman.

But most days, it’s even more dangerous Romero told CBS4 that Buckman makes her daily trip to the store before she gets to her apartment.

“I try to talk her out into waiting for me but she’s got her independence. She likes to do things when she wants to do them,” Romero said.

Romero said it’s a source of constant concern for her.

“That's the only source of getting out that she has. And then to be afraid of that little time that she has to get out? That's not fair. It's not right,” she said.

CBS4 reporter Adria Iraheta reached out to the city of El Paso.

The city said since the sidewalk is next to a home, the owner is responsible for cleanup.

However, it’s also next to a bus stop.

In this case, Sun Metro can also clean the five radius around the bus stop.

ADA coordinator Julio Perez said the city has $500,000 set aside for sidewalk repairs like this one.

Those funds were made available by about two years ago because of similar issues around the city.

After CBS4 contacted the city, the portion of sidewalk in question was put on a list so the necessary cleanup and repairs can be made.

“It's very dangerous. Lee Trevino is such a busy street, with Hanks High School and the shopping centers, and I pray every morning because I know [Buckman] is out there,” Romero said.

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